DOLIAM is a private holding company regrouping several high-tech companies, from start-ups to industrial size ones, developing technologies and products with strong scientific and technological added value.

A World of Possibilities
With almost 350 employees in France and the United States, Doliam is anchored at the heart of the High-Tech industry and is positioned as a reference on the market through its constituents ranging from innovative medical technologies such as VERMON and CAIRDAC, to technologies for security of assets and people protection technologies with MODULEUS and OLYTHE, to ASIC/SOC integrated circuits technologies with IC’Alps (medical market and others).

Doliam’s Companies


Ultrasound transducers and arrays for medical and industrial applications

VERMON is committed to serving the industry by designing and manufacturing advanced and unique transducers using patented technologies. Vermon designs, produces and controls all probe acoustic components, manufacturing tools and technologies.

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Advanced Ultrasound Solutions

Intended on challenging the status-quo, Moduleus is fully committed to building the future of ultrasound, pervasive and preventive; by supporting academic and private research as well as the development labs who aim to develop advanced ultrasound solutions for the well-being of Humankind.

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Self-Sustainable Leadless Pacemakers

CAIRDAC created the world’s first battery-less and self-sustainable leadless pacemaker incorporating a unique inertial energy harvesting patented technology synchronized with cardiac rhythm, enabling it to harvest the kinetic energy of the heart. This is the only leadless pacemaker who never has to deal with battery life.

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Integrated Circuits Custom Designs

More than just an integrated circuits design company, IC’ALPS offers a full turnkey approach by offering feasibility study, specification & architecture, analog & digital designs, physical implementation, and a complete management of the supply chain.

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A New Generation of Alcohol Breathalyzer

OLYTHE released in 2019 OCIGO a new law enforcement grade breathalyzer with a patented miniaturized infrared spectroscopy technology : InfraRed Optic Engine™. Expert in Human breath analysis, OLYTHE will offer a complete range of alcohol breathalyzer and medical devices for different needs: consumer, health, professionals and law enforcement.

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